Age In Place Shopping Guide

We have a passion for helping you stay in your home as long and happy living with family members or friends. Our last blog post made some suggestions to help. It is no surprise that people often ask us how they can best plan ahead so this shopping guide* may come handy!

Lever handle faucets

Faucets can make a huge difference in your bathroom. When shopping for new fixtures, be sure to look at established brands like Delta and Moen that have been proven time after again as being high quality products with warranties included! There's plenty of lever handle styles available on the market - single hole has one hole; 4" Centre Set has 2 holes which are four inches apart from each other (center-set), or 8" Centre Set has 2 holes which are four inches apart from each other (center-set). 

The variety of colours and finishes available now is sure to suit any style. If grasping handles on your faucet is an issue, it’s important that you look for ones which are ADA compliant--and there's a bonus for parents (or grandparents) with young children who are learning to use faucets, that the cold water can be turned on by itself with 2 lever faucets.


Elongated Toilets

Searching for a toilet that's easier on your aging body? Look no further than an elongated model. Elongated toilets are slightly taller and have seats which extend further from the base, providing better leg support as you sit down (less squatting). Again - stick with trusted brands like American Standard, Kohler or Toto so you don't end up buying low-quality products!


Grab Bars

Grab bars can be found in different shapes and sizes, but if you're working with an existing space it's important to find one that will fit. You might not have much choice though—sometimes there just isn't enough room for anything else!

The Grab Bar should be installed correctly so that it doesn't pull out when in use. Use 2x10 blocking screwed (using structural screws) or nailed into place between studs, then attach the grab bar through finishes and into the blocking for support.  If the toilet is not beside a wall, a flip up grab bar may be the most useful.

Night lighting

The right lighting can be crucial in preventing falls at night. Make sure that the products you purchase are approved for use in Canada to avoid fires or electrical failure; your electrician will help ensure this when installing them on-site! Your electrician can purchase electrical outlets with built-in lighting or you can add after-market night lights as well.  Look for LED lights that can help save on electricity. 

Consider using nightlights, strip lighting on stairs or motion sensor lights. If security is a concern consider programming switches so that any outdoor lighting can be turned on with a timer and camera doorbells can provide additional reassurance!

Avoid Trips

Travel safely throughout your home by using gates at the top of stairs, use cord organizers coupled with power bars and electrical conduit to contain cords. Install slip resistant flooring for maximum safety around your home!



Placing a bench or chair at top of stairs where you might be slightly winded, or in the shower for easy use, can also help prevent falls.


Keyless entry

Keyless Entry locks allow you to give access without a key, and change codes as needed. They can be locked with one push button-which is nice because it takes less time than trying different keys! We’ve used these before on rental units so we know they work well, and our favourite is the Weiser ones!

Why not start preparing for the future now? With these simple steps, you can be sure that your home will continue to work for you in years ahead.



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