Municipal zoning map.

1. Check Zoning

Check the zoning requirements of the land you’re building on. Note the maximum width and depth, lot coverage, and building height limitations of your land as well as any parking and sidewalk requirements.

Most zoning information is available online through your local municipality, or you can contact your local municipal planning department for details.

2. Select a Plan

Browse our predesigned plans for houses, cottages, garages, and more. Add to cart and proceed to checkout when you find what you’re looking for!

The process for custom home designs and renovations looks a little different. Learn more about Custom Designs and Renovations.

3. Checkout

During the checkout process, you’ll be asked to enter your project address. This is the location we use to determine any necessary region-specific structural adjustments. For example, we have to accommodate different snow loads. We complete those adjustments within two weeks of your purchase and email you the plans!

Each set of plans for new home construction includes:

3 signed copies of your blueprints

Building permit application form ready for you to sign and submit to your municipality

Digital pdf drawings for contractor use

If your building inspector has any questions regarding our work during the plans review process, send us an email. That’s part of our job too!

Additional Information

Please note that your plan is designed for your specified project and cannot be used for another project or at a different location.

Once your plans have shipped, you may still require design documents from installers/suppliers for a plot or site plan, as well as for mechanical (heat/HVAC), trusses, or septic planning. In some cases, an engineer’s design may also be required.

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