Banish Rodents Forever: Top Tips for Protecting Your Property from Pesky Pests

Due to global warming and active construction, several cities across Ontario are facing an increasing rodent problem. Thus, it’s important to stay vigilant when it comes to protecting your home from mice and rats. Regular property checks are a great way to make sure your house is free of unwelcome visitors.

Here at House of Three, we put together a 10-step list for regular checkups:

1. Manage Weeds, Shrubs, and Bushes Effectively. Rats are commonly found nesting beneath plants and bushes. To deter them, maintain a clean and organized outdoor space around your property. Keep tall grass, bushes, shrubs, and mulch at a safe distance from building foundations. Remove ivy growing near potential burrow sites.

Ensure a six-inch bare ground perimeter around buildings and regularly trim underneath shrubs. Avoid overcrowding by spacing out plants and opting for less dense planting arrangements. Maintain a tidy garden by eliminating weeds and disposing of trash properly.

Keep Rodents Away From Property in Ontario


2. Rats are notorious for gnawing through building structures and can fit into gaps as small as 1.27 cm (half an inch). To effectively eliminate rat entry, it's essential to seal all crevices and openings in foundations, walls, flooring, beneath doors, and around windows.

Most of these repairs can be carried out by maintenance personnel, building superintendents, handypersons, or professional exterminators. The required materials are cost-effective and readily available at the majority of hardware stores.


3. Take a look around the exterior and interior of your house and make sure that all windows and doors are closed tightly. This will keep rodents from sneaking into any openings in search of food or shelter.


4. Check any potential entry points like vents, pipes and chimneys to make sure they are securely sealed, without effecting they're use. 


5. Inspect the outside of the house for signs of rodent activity such as tracks or burrows. 


6. Make sure that all garbage is stored away properly (prioritize hard plastic or metal garbage bins with fitting lids) and that counters, floors and surfaces are kept clean and free from crumbs and residue.


7. Look for any signs of nests or chew marks on furniture, walls, baseboards, wiring, etc., as these could be indicators that rodents have invaded your home.


8. Check for any signs of rodent droppings, which can be found near food sources or places where they have been nesting. Clean up any droppings and eliminate potential hiding spots by removing clutter from your home.


9. If you’ve noticed a foul odor in your house, it could be a sign that rodents are present and their waste is accumulating somewhere in your home. You should investigate further to locate the source of the smell and take care of it immediately to avoid further issues with rodents.


10. Rodents are naturally attracted to bird seed, so avoid any bird feeders close to your property.


Place traps around your property as an extra precaution against rodents entering your home or trying to get into food sources inside. Make sure that all traps are set properly and checked regularly. 

In case you have to hire a pest control company, remember that a reliable company will:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of your property before providing a cost estimate.
  • Provide a written inspection report along with a proposed action plan.
  • Determine quotes based on inspection results rather than flat fees, as the cheapest services often fall short in quality.
  • Offer recommendations for structural repairs if necessary.
  • Ensure frequent visits until the pest issue is resolved.
  • Utilize tamper-proof bait containers.
  • Employ skilled and well-trained exterminators.

These are just a few tips for keeping your home free of rodents and conducting regular property checks. 

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