Building Your Dream Cottage in Ontario: A Floor Plan for Small Families and Rental Units

Do you want to build a cottage in Ontario? You may have already scoured through various designs and plans, but have you found the perfect one yet? Let's look at this unique and exciting plan that is perfect for small families and real estate investors looking to create rental units also known as additional dwelling units (ADUs) in basements. Not only is it visually stunning, but it is also compatible with any location in the beautiful province of Ontario.

With its wide front porch, this floor plan encourages you to enjoy the view of the peaceful countryside or vibrant city. You can enjoy the cold winter nights wrapped in a blanket while taking in the fresh air. Furthermore, the covered porch at the front of the house has an interesting roofline, being great for sitting outside and enjoying the view.

Now imagine yourself enjoying a hot cup of coffee, watching the sunrise or sunset from your dream home.


This plan would be suitable for small families or those looking to create a rental unit in their basement. The 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment in the finished basement has an open concept design in the living area. This is great for tenants who prefer a private accommodation. It can be used as single-family home, with the option to invite friends or family to stay overnight in the spacious basement, or be occupied as two separate units!

For those who enjoy dining outside in the warmer months, a back deck could be added, so long as there is enough space on the lot! This addition would be a perfect place to host small gatherings or barbeques with your close friends and family. Indeed, endless possibilities come with Plan 21-0040.



The unique feature of this design plan is the 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment in the finished basement. The apartment allows for privacy and independence while also being a source of extra income when used as a rental unit. Its open concept living area negates the need for additional rooms, creating a spacious yet efficient home. It has everything a tenant or small family would need to live comfortably.

When it comes to building your dream cottage or a rental unit property, it is important to consider the design plan’s suitability for your needs. With this design plan, you have the flexibility to construct your dream cottage in any location in Ontario. It is perfect for small families and rental property investors. The covered front porch, the apartment in the finished basement, and the option to add a back deck make it an exciting choice. With this cottage, you can look forward to spending your days in the countryside or in the city, enjoying the beautiful sights that Ontario has to offer.

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