3 Great Electronic Locks for Secondary Suites | House of Three

Looking for new locks for your secondary suite or even your own home? Check out these three options from Weiser that House of Three loves to use in secondary suite conversions!


This deadbolt with keypad is perfect for entry doors! Pair with your favourite door knob or gripset from Weiser. Reasons we love it:

  • It allows landlords to access the unit (with permission of course) if a tenant wants to book a maintenance call while at work. 
  • During construction, a temporary access code can be used to give the contractors access without producing multiple keys
  • Great for families with older children. No key to lose, but they can easily get in after school.
  • Easy to lock. Pull the door shut and hit the lock button!


This keyed lever is a perfect option for where there are no deadbolts.  Where do we recommend using it?  

  • Existing doors with no precut deadbolt from the garage into the home 
  • Mechanical room doors in rental units
  • Owner's storage for Airbnb or short term rental storage items such as additional bedding and cleaning products
  • Sheds or detached garages where you want a door that is locked but don't necessarily want to carry a key around all the time.


Want a complete set for your foyer door? This option from Weiser is a great option. On our current renovation the actual handle on our front door was "original" and still in amazing shape, but this one from Weiser is a very close match. And the front door grip set adds an element of style and curb appeal to the foyer.

Why do we like Weiser? We love their Smart Key system, the locks are easy to use, and a great quality. We prefer to not use their wifi enabled system for rental units, as we do not control the internet (and not every tenant may use it).

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