Cottage Shopping Guide

Although international travel is once again booming, there is nothing quite as relaxing and enjoyable as a weekend at your cottage. Getting to completely unplug and be one with nature is an extraordinary experience, but can be even better when the cottage space is optimized and comfortable. With the following few tips, you will be able to make your cottage your own and get the most out of your weekend escape!

As we’ve mentioned in our last blog post, the interior space at a cottage can be rather limited and it is imperative that you have multi-use items to increase the use of space. Furthermore, going to the cottage is definitely one of those “the more the merrier” times. So how do you balance having more guests in a smaller space? One of our favourite tips is to have multi-functional furniture so that no space is going to waste no matter what time of day. Having a pullout couch is the perfect way to put this into practice. While there are countless options, Amazon has a wide selection depending on what you are searching for. If you are hoping to have a spot for the kids to crash after a long day, this first one is a cute size and can easily be converted from a couch into a bed. On the other hand, this other option is a little pricier, but is significantly larger and will comfortably fit 2 adults.




Although this is not summer camp, who says bunk beds cannot be used and loved? Bunk beds maximize sleeping space like nothing else. This one has a chic design and is a standard bed size, making it a perfect option!


If bunk beds are not what you are looking for, maybe a captain bed with storage underneath might suit your needs better! This bed is not only sturdy, but it can also store an astonishing amount of belongings underneath it so your room is not cluttered but you can still bring everything you want (we fully support bringing 10 outfits each for a weekend getaway), and has the option of a trundle bed for even more sleeping space as needed.


Being at the cottage does not mean you can, or should, stop doing laundry. Although a stackable washer and dryer are a great option to help you live your best life in a small space, another option, which is cheaper, is a portable washing machine with spin. When you take your dry damp clothes out of the machine, you can line dry them outside and let the sun and lake breeze dry them.

However, doing your laundry in cold water and drying it the old-fashioned way should not carry over into your shower routine. Although it is difficult to get hot water piping to rural cottage townships, if you have electricity, you can get this Rheem tankless water heater to make sure you have hot water for your shower. It is small, quiet and powerful, making it the perfect addition to any cottage!



You can also keep dust and dirt down in the cottage with a robot vacuum.  Choose one with a scheduling option and set it to go off when you know you will be out fishing or swimming.



Next up on our agenda is, arguably, the most important part of cottage life: outdoor living. This part is most likely why you’re at your cottage in the first place, so we have to make sure you’re having the best time outside! From paddle boarding on the lake to rinsing off afterwards, cuddling up next to a fire at night time and everything in between, we’ve got you covered! Carrying on the space maximization theme we introduced in our last blog post, we recommend that you get an inflatable paddle board. These will allow you to fully enjoy yourself on the water but can also be deflated to take up less space in storage (we will talk about storage specifics later). This one specifically folds up into nothing but a small package and can fit into a convenient backpack for both storage and transportation; it doesn’t get much better than that. 


As nice as the great outdoors might be, you might not want to bring the outside inside. That is why you might consider installing an outdoor shower to wash yourself off a little before going back inside.  



If being out on the water isn’t really your speed, there’s still plenty to do! You can get a hammock to sit back and relax with a good book. You can also throw a fun party with this simple yet comfortable outdoor furniture set and amazing waterproof speaker. This will surely withstand the water and dirt that your little ones will bring back from wherever they end up finding themselves. This speaker can run for up to 20 hours, which will allow you to party from dawn until dusk where a fire pit will not only keep you warm throughout the night, but also help bring some camp memories back with marshmallow roasting--just be sure to check for any fire bans and regulations in your area. 




When it comes to storing all these fun items in a small space, it is all about efficient storage solutions and treating each space with serious thought and consideration. Instead of viewing the garage as only a parking station for your car or boat, it also has so much potential when it comes to vertical storage space. You can hang this sturdy overhead loft-style storage system to hold unused equipment above your car or hang tools on your walls with this wall mount organizer. Both are great options for maximizing every inch of space you have to ensure you have everything you need to have a good time but not have clutter everywhere.



No matter how good of a time you have at your cottage, chances are that you will need to return home and go back to your daily lives. When you’re not there, it is important that you can keep an eye on the property to ensure nobody is messing with your sanctuary. A security system will not only provide you with live footage and recordings of any suspicious activities, but even the sight of security cameras will fend off most potential intruders. This one from Amazon is easy to install and has high reviews on its effectiveness and picture quality.


The final piece of advice on storage we have is thinking outside the box and making the most use of any space you can think of. Whether that be raising the bed with these bed risers or saving floor space by getting a ceiling fan instead of a standing fan, the options are truly endless.



The last step to making your cottage feel like home is to decorate it according to your style and passions. But to ensure the space doesn’t turn out too mismatched or chaotic, we recommend starting with one focal piece in each room and building the rest around that. We have listed a few fun options for different rooms to get you started on your decorating journey!





Farmhouse Wall Clock

Wooden Farmhouse Sign Cottage Rules

Doormat-Welcome to The Cottage

Set of 2 Metal Cage Light

Decorative Wall Hanging Shelf


Now that you’ve done all the hard work, all that’s left is to get out to your cottage and enjoy!



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