Cozy Bungalow Perfect for Renting in Ontario

Welcome to Plan 21-0038, a cozy semi-detached bungalow, boasting 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms per unit. This plan is ideal to use as a rental property to take advantage of the separate units.



Approaching from the outside, you will be greeted by a modern exterior adorned with dark accents and natural stone, creating a sophisticated and contemporary ambiance. The convenience of garage parking seamlessly blends with the stylish design. Each unit boasts a private entrance through an inviting front patio, which opens into the main hallway. For added convenience, there is also direct access from the garage into this central hallway, ensuring ease of entry and a seamless transition between spaces.




The 4 bedrooms in each unit are thoughtfully situated along the main hallway and also positioned along the exterior wall to maximize natural light. Each bedroom is uniformly sized at 12’-1” x 10’-6”, providing a consistent and spacious feel. The master bedroom, however, offers the added luxury of a private bathroom; accessible exclusively through the master bedroom, you pass through a generous closet space to reach the private full bath. This setup is perfect for the head of the household, offering enhanced privacy and comfort.

For families who may not need all four bedrooms for sleeping, the additional rooms can be effortlessly repurposed. Whether used as home offices, hobby rooms, or playrooms for younger residents, these versatile spaces can adapt to various needs. The ample closets provide excellent storage solutions, ideal for housing crafting supplies, extra toys, or other household items beyond just clothing.


Bathrooms & Laundry

Across from the bedrooms, along the main hallway, you'll find the main bathroom and laundry facilities. Designed with functionality in mind, the bathroom is cleverly divided to accommodate multitasking, making it ideal for larger families or roommates. The toilet is situated in a separate small room beyond the bathtub and sink, allowing one person to use the toilet while another brushes their teeth, streamlining the morning rush.

This area also includes the laundry facilities and a utility closet, conveniently tucked away from the primary living spaces but easily accessible when needed. The washer and dryer are strategically positioned next to the bathroom, ensuring convenience for all residents. With this setup, dirty clothes can effortlessly make their way from any bedroom or the bathroom to the laundry facilities, simplifying household chores and maintaining an organized living environment.

Living Room & Dining Room

At the end of the main hallway, you’ll discover the living room is seamlessly connected to the dining room and kitchen in an open-concept design. The back wall features a large window that floods the living space with natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This cozy area is perfect for quality bonding time, whether with roommates or family. The open layout ensures that everyone can be included, whether they are on the couch or at the dining table.

Adjacent to the dining room, there is an entrance leading to the backyard or potentially a back deck. If the lot accommodates outdoor seating, this setup allows for easy flow of refreshments between the kitchen and the outdoor area, enhancing the ease of hosting and enjoying outdoor gatherings.



The full kitchen features a dishwasher and pantry, making it ideal for larger groups. The dishwasher can efficiently handle the volume of dishes typical of big families, while the pantry provides ample storage for everyone's favorite foods in this shared space.

The open layout between the kitchen and dining room enhances convenience, allowing meals to be transferred quickly and easily from the kitchen to the dining table. This short journey helps maintain the ideal temperature of the food and minimizes the risk of spills. The absence of a doorway ensures clear visibility for those entering and leaving the space, promoting safe navigation between rooms even with full hands.


Target Audience

Plan 21-0038 is perfectly designed to serve as a rental property, as it features two separate units that cater to a diverse range of tenants. Each unit could be ideal for students, young professionals, and families alike. With four bedrooms per unit, the layout is particularly attractive to groups of students living with roommates or families seeking ample space to grow and thrive.



One customization to consider with Plan 21-0038 is the addition of a deck off the back of each unit. This addition would provide extra space for outdoor dining or entertaining, enhancing the versatility and appeal of the property.

Before committing to Plan 21-0038, it is advisable to review local zoning requirements to ensure the lot can accommodate the overall size of this plan. The substantial footprint of the design necessitates a large lot, so verifying this aspect beforehand is essential.


In Conclusion

Perfect for students, young professionals, and families, Plan 21-0038 provides ample space and comfort, ensuring a high quality of life for all residents. Additionally, the potential to add features like a deck for outdoor entertaining further enhances its appeal.


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