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If you're looking to create a modern kids bedroom for your Airbnb rental, there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind. First and foremost, flexibility is key. Not only do kids come in a wide variety of ages and sizes, but you'll also want to be able to accommodate adults as well. That means having furniture that can be easily reconfigured, and storage that can be easily accessed.

Another important tip is to focus on comfort. Kids (and adults!) will appreciate having a comfortable place to sleep, so make sure to invest in quality bedding and pillows. And finally, don't forget the details. A few well-chosen pieces of art or kids-themed decor can go a long way in making your space feel warm and inviting.

By following these simple tips, you can easily create a modern kids bedroom that your guests will love. To make things even easier, we've put together a shopping list of all the essentials. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

a selection of products for an airbnb kids bedroom


1. Bed

Flexible and modern style bedframe. Having the ability to accommodate families with multiple children, or even a parent with child, flexible bed options like this twin over double bunk bed is a great option!  It has clean lines, easy access with stairs, and is easy to keep clean--perfect for an airbnb situation! Plus, it's sturdy and well-made, so you can rest easy knowing your bed will last for years.


2. Dresser

Simple, Modern Dresser. This simple tall dresser is perfect for any modern home.  The higher than average legs provide easy access for cleaning underneath, while the drawers offer plenty of room for guests' belongings. Make sure you anchor the dresser to the wall to avoid tipping!


3. Bedding

Fun geometric bedding. This fun geometric bedding comes in multiple sizes and works for both the young and the young at heart of any age!  The set includes a duvet cover and pillowcases.  It would suit a white sheet set or a fun colour like teal well! 


4. Mattress

Double Mattress. A good quality Sealy double mattress is a great way to ensure that your guests are comfortable while they stay with you. These mattresses have been highly rated by consumers, and come from a trusted brand name. Choose a similar option in twin size for the top bunk!


5. Mattress Cover

Extra protection with a mattress protector.  A mattress cover is a must-have for anyone with allergies, asthma, or sensitivities to dust mites, bacteria, or other allergens. The cover protects your mattress from spills and accidents, and can be easily thrown in the washing machine when it needs a clean. Choose a waterproof cover for extra protection against water damage. Bed bugs are an increasing problem across the country; a good mattress protector will help keep them at bay.

6.  Colourful Art

Fun, modern canvas prints. These quirky, fun prints will bring in a touch of whimsy while working for both kids and adults!  Or take a look at some local options!  I love artwork from Vanessa Martin in South Frontenac or Sasha French in Kingston for a modern flair!

7.  Pack & Play

Playpen with change table and bassinet. When catering to families, one of the best options when travelling with young children is to have access to a pack & play with a bassinet and change table.  They fold down for easy storage, but have all the options that families with babies need.


8.  White Noise

Echo Dot. The Echo Dot is perfect for white noise, music or children's story. You can use it as a speaker, alarm, or timer. Plus, with Alexa built in, you can control all your smart devices with just your voice.

9.  Kids Books

Books for kids. Obviously around here, architecture and building are favourites!  Iggy Peck Architect, and the rest of the series by Andrea Beaty, are beautifully illustrated by David Roberts, and are a rhyming masterpiece of STEM incorporated into a childrens' book.  Make sure you check out the others in the series: Rosie Revere, EngineerAda Twist, Scientist; Sofia Valdez, Future Prez; and Aaron Slater, Illustrator.  
Another amazing option is to include books from local authors. 
Harley the Hero by Peggy Collins from Napanee is a great option, this amazing book about an actual service dog that belongs to a teacher at Selby Public School is a perfect example.
Cocoa Magic by Sandra Bradley, a local author from South Frontenac is another perfect option!

10.  Bookcase

Modern bookcase.  Although technically a record player stand, this bookcase can double as a night stand, and keep books neat and tide.  In kids rooms however, be sure to fasten it to the wall to ensure it doesn't tip!  Most come with the appropriate brackets or you can purchase them separately here:


11.  Night Light

Colour changing nightlight. We have an older set of these GE colour changing nightlights at home.  They have a dusk to dawn feature, and the colour changing feature can help when bright white light can keep little ones awake longer than intended.  Sold in a two pack which is perfect for one in the washroom, and on in the bedroom or hallway. 

12.  Games

Games for rainy days. This card game takes up very little space and works well for kids and adults!  It's fast paced at about 2 minutes a round (depending on who is playing), but truly works for a wide variety of ages (although it says 7+, my little one has been playing since he was 4--they need to know colours, be able to count, and know how to match like shapes to play!).  A perfect choice for rainy days!

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