Decorating Ideas for a Modern Farmhouse Kids Bedroom

Are you looking to give your little one's bedroom a makeover that blends comfort and style? Or maybe you're an Airbnb host wanting to create the perfect kid-friendly vacation rental or you simply want to redecorate with a trendy, modern farmhouse look. Either way, you'll find plenty of ideas in this blog post for transforming your child's bedroom into one that’s cozy yet tons of storage! Read on for our top suggestions on how best to create an ambient atmosphere where your kids can relax and play!


1.  Modern Farmhouse Low Loft Bed

    Modern Farmhouse Low Loft Bed. This Twin Low Loft Bed is perfect for maximizing space in your kids room. The drawers, shelf, and underbed area provide plenty of storage and play space. The fun and functional bed is made with durable wood construction and a beautiful finish that will complement any decor. Your child will love the low loft bed's fun style and you will love its functionality. 

    2.  Modern Farmhouse Nightstand

      Modern Farmhouse Nightstand. The modern farmhouse look is all the rage right now. It combines rustic, distressed finishes with sleek, modern lines to create a unique and stylish aesthetic. This style is perfect for anyone who wants a warm and inviting home without sacrificing on contemporary style. Color-matched hardware gives everything a clean, finished look, while rounded corners and edges add a touch of whimsy. If you're looking to add some farmhouse flair to your home, this is the perfect nightstand for you!

      3. Rustic Wood Arrow Sign / Wall Decor

        Rustic Wood Arrow Sign / Wall Decor. Add a touch of rustic charm with these handmade wooden arrows. Each arrow is made from distressed wood and finished with a country rustic design. They’re the perfect addition to any gallery wall, living room, dining room, nursery, kid’s room, entry way or office. 

        4. Unfinished Natural Solid Wood 3 Drawer Dresser 

          Unfinished Natural Solid Wood 3 Drawer Dresser. This lovely 3 drawer dresser is the perfect piece of furniture to add a touch of rustic charm to your home. The natural wood finish and simple design give it a modern farmhouse style that will complement any room. The dresser is made of sturdy real wood and has three drawers for storage. It also comes with a convenient out-of-the-way shelf on the bottom. Whether you use it as a bedside table in the bedroom, console table in the living room, or hallway organizer, this dresser is sure to be a great fit.

          5.  Wooden Toy Organizer with Flip-Top Lid

            Wooden Toy Organizer with Flip-Top Lid. This toy box is perfect for organizing your child's toys. It is large enough to store all of their belongings. With this toy box, kids can learn to take care of their things and have a neat and tidy room. Plus, it can double as a bench for extra seating when friends come over, or pillow/blanket storage in the living room.

            A modern farmhouse kids bedroom is the perfect combination of cozy and chic. With the right furniture and decor, you can create a space that your child will love to sleep in – and that you’ll be happy to look at, too. Loft beds are a great way to save space in a small room, and we love the idea of pairing them with a nightstand and an arrow sign for some extra flair. Dressers are essential for storing clothes and toys, but they don’t have to be boring – try adding one with some unique details, like this distressed wood dresser. And finally, every kid needs a toybox, but why not make it something special with a cute farmhouse-inspired design? We hope you found these ideas helpful as you start planning your modern farmhouse kids bedroom! 

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