Farmhouse Holiday Decor

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to bring a little extra holiday cheer into your home. If you look to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for Christmas, farmhouse Christmas decor could be the perfect choice for your festive style. Whether you’re inspired by vintage charm or modern minimalism, classic holiday-colored accents or rustic texture and warmth, Christmas decorations with a farmhouse style can make your Christmas special – no matter what aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve. 


1.  Vintage Red Farm Truck Christmas Centerpiece

    Vintage Red Farm Truck Christmas Centerpiece. This Christmas, give your home a unique and timeless look with a vintage red farm truck centerpiece. Perfect for bringing a bit of farmhouse decor to your holiday season, the wooden toy truck makes a wonderful addition to any Christmas table or living room. With its warm-hued hue and classic shape, this vintage red Christmas centerpiece is sure to bring plenty of cheer and charm. Not only is it a practical item that can be reused year after year, but it also makes for an excellent conversation piece as you gather with family and friends around the Christmas tree. Bring some old-fashioned style in your home today with this beautiful vintage red farm truck Christmas centerpiece!

    2. Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Table Runner

      Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Table Runner. Christmas is the perfect time to add warmth and charm to your home with subtle farmhouse decor. One stylish way to do that is with a Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Table Runner. The tartan-like pattern of red and black checkered squares adds a traditional touch, while the Christmas tree motif brings a festive feel to any table setting. It's an easy, simple way to turn your Christmas decorations up a notch without cluttering the space. Whether you go for the long table runner or just add small gift boxes of Christmas cheer on top, this Christmas classic never goes out of style.

      3. Buffalo Plaid Christmas Pillows

      Buffalo Plaid Christmas Pillows. Christmas decorating is in full swing and Christmas pillows are always a great way to add a little festive spirit to any home. Buffalo plaid Christmas pillows are especially lovely for their ability to perfectly marry the Christmas season with farmhouse style and chic country appeal. Whether placed on rustic furniture or traditional couches, these Christmas pillows never fail to bring warmth and coziness into any room this season.

      4. Ivory White Knit Christmas Stockings

        Ivory White Knit Christmas Stockings. Ivory white Christmas stockings are the perfect choice to give your home a cozy, farmhouse Christmas vibe. Made of a luxurious knitted material, these Christmas stockings have both an elegant design and a soft feel that put them at the top of any Christmas wish list. With the finishing touch of ivory white hues, these unique Christmas stockings perfectly complement any Christmas decor and add warmth to your holiday season.

        5. Farmhouse Boho Christmas Wreath

          Farmhouse Boho Christmas Wreath. Update your Christmas decor this year with a statement-making farmhouse boho Christmas wreath! This classic Christmas ornament is the perfect way to add a touch of modern style and rustic charm to any front door. Perfect for farmhouse decor enthusiasts, it has been carefully crafted with natural elements including pines, twigs, acorns, and pine cones. 

          6. Three-Piece Christmas Lighting Gift Boxes

            Three-Piece Christmas Exterior Lighting Gift Boxes. Christmas is the time of year to deck your home in festive decor! If you're looking for an easy and stylish way to get your Christmas exteriors ready, check out our three-piece Christmas exterior lighting gift boxes. With box styles ranging from classic Christmas colors to more modern farmhouse decor, you'll find everything you need to make your Christmas sparkle. The selection of colors and finishes is sure to match any outdoor Christmas motif you choose. Our gift boxes are perfect for anyone wanting a quick and stylish start on their Christmas decorating!

            7. 12 Star Curtain Lights

              12 Star Curtain Lights. Christmas isn't Christmas without a few glittery lights on the porch. 12 Star Curtain Lights possess just the right mix of sparkle and class to accomplish the traditional Christmas look while giving off an air of farmhouse decor. I remember admiring my neighbours' front porch adorned with a similar set that gave it an extra bit of charm. With these lights, your front porch or any other place in the home can exude Christmas spirit that will make every smile a bit brighter.

              8.  Wooden Christmas Tree Collar Box

                Wooden Christmas Tree Collar Box. Christmas is an exciting time of year full of cozy decorations that bring warmth and good cheer to a home. Wooden Christmas tree collar boxes are the perfect touch to add a rustic, farmhouse feel to any Christmas celebration. These boxes provide a unique alternative to traditional Christmas tree skirts, offering a simple yet sophisticated design that effortlessly ties together any Christmas theme. Not only is it the perfect complement to Christmas decor, but its flat base makes it easy to stand on any surface. Perfectly crafted with wood, these Christmas tree collar boxes can easily become a centerpiece of your Christmas decor that you can use season after season.

                9. Christmas Rustic Sleigh Bell Garland

                  Christmas Rustic Sleigh Bell Garland. Christmas is just around the corner, and this rustic sleigh bell garland outfits your Christmas tree with the perfect holiday farmhouse decor. Whether you are looking for a classic Christmas decoration or just need more of that Christmas cheer, add this Christmas rustic sleigh bell garland for an instant vintage Christmas flare. Its old-fashioned look brings an extra touch to your Christmas celebration, and also serves as a reminder of the traditional Christmas decorations on sleighs that were used long ago. 



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