Get Your Backyard Kid Ready for Spring!

Are you getting your backyard ready for the warmer weather ahead? As winter comes to an end and spring brings in beautiful blooms and lush greenery, it's time to start planning how you will make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you're a homeowner with kids or looking for DIY projects that create lasting memories, there are plenty of ways to get your backyard kid-ready as soon as (or even before!) spring arrives. From fantastic play places to comfy outdoor seating areas, here is a list of clever ideas sure to make your outdoor oasis come alive this season!


1.  Saucer Swing

    Saucer Swing. This saucer swing is a favourite in our house!  It got left out this winter, and still got used (when the weather allowed).   It has a large, 40-inch diameter and is easy to install on swing sets or trees. The swing is heavy-duty and can accommodate several children at once. Swinging is the perfect way to get some exercise and have fun outdoors. 

    2.  Climbing Rope Swing

      Climbing Rope Swing. Looking for a way to get your little one to spend more time outdoors and less in front of the computer? I've been thinking about adding one of these to our backyard.  This fun physical activity engages kids' body and mind, teaching them balance, coordination, and imagination. Made of durable material, it can withstand a weight of 330 pounds, making it perfect for a family outing. With its easy installation, you'll be able to have hours of outdoor fun in no time!

      3.  Found It!

        Found It Scavenger Hunt. This Scavenger Hunt Game would make a great last minute Easter gift!  And great motivation to get outside after a long winter.  Do you have a child who loves to search for hidden objects? Then they will love Found It, the exciting new game that helps children learn while they play. With prompts like, “Can you find something that is heavier than a leaf?” and “Something round?” players must use their observation skills to find the hidden objects as quickly as possible. The first one to find seven objects wins the game!

        Found It games are easy-to-use and come with simple instructions, making them the perfect gift for any occasion. Children can become instant champions by playing at gatherings, birthday parties, and outdoor playdates. This super fun game keeps kids engaged for hours and boosts their observation & logical reasoning skills. Perfect for boys and girls ages 4 to 7, this game can be played in two fun ways!

        4.  Zip-It to Rip-It

          Zip-It to Rip-It. Want to get your kids up and active? Zip It to Rip It will do the trick! This easy-to-use, fast-action two-player game gets kids outside and moving. Pull the handles to send the ball zooming over to your partner, and try not to let it hit your handles when it's sent back! With Wahu Zoom Ball, you can have a blast outdoors while getting some exercise.

          5.  Ladder Toss

            Ladder Toss. Looking for a fun game to get the whole family outside and active? Look no further than Ladder Ball! This easy-to-learn game is perfect for all ages, and can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. With two upright ladder-shaped targets, three blue bolas, and three red bolas, this set is designed for two to four players. PVC pipes create the target framework, which measures 40 x 24 inches each and is simple to assemble. The lightweight design and included carry case make it easy to transport and store when not in use. Whether you’re looking for a new game to enjoy at your next picnic or want something to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day, Ladder Ball is sure to provide hours of fun!

            Great news for all parents, preparing your backyard for spring does not have to be a tall order. With a few simple steps, you can make sure that your kid’s time outside is even more enjoyable this season. From swings and scavenger hunts, having the right items handy will definitely help as your little one explores the sunshine outdoors. Make sure to create a shopping list with these items in mind and keep an eye out on potential discounts this season so you can get your kid prepared in the most cost-effective manner. So give yourself plenty of time before spring arrives to make sure you, and your child’s outdoor experience are even better this year! With proper preparation, having the right tools will ensure that the warm weather is enjoyed by all.

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