How to Keep Your Home Cool during Hot Summer Days in Ontario

As temperatures rise, keeping your home cool can become a tricky task, but don't worry! We have compiled a list of tips that can help you stay comfortable and save money on energy bills.


Use your thermostat wisely

Program your thermostat to a higher temperature to save money on energy bills. Set the temperature a little higher when you're not home, and gradually lower it when you return, rather than turning on the A/C full blast all at once.

Insulate around the frame of your windows

Insulating around the frame of your windows can help keep the hot air out and cool air in. Consider applying reflective window film to help prevent some of the sun's heat from entering your home.  And open windows when possible to allow any breeze in.

Close the blinds and curtains

Closing the blinds and curtains throughout the day can help keep your home cool by blocking out direct sunlight. This can be especially helpful during the hottest parts of the day.

Use ceiling fans and portable fans

Using fans instead of the air conditioning can be a cost-effective way to keep cool. Ceiling fans are great for circulating air around the room, while portable fans can be used in specific areas where you need them most.

Stay hydrated

Don't forget to stay hydrated! Drinking water and staying cool will help keep your body healthy and regulate your internal temperature.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your home stays comfortable and cool during hot summer days. And, as an added bonus, implementing these cooling solutions can save you money on energy bills over time! Enjoy the sunny weather with peace of mind knowing that you're prepared to beat the heat in the comfort of your own home.

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