A Budget-Friendly Shopping List for an Airbnb Kitchen. Get the Essentials

Looking to rent your space as a short term rental through Airbnb? Here is a guide to some of the very basic and affordable supplies you need to create a modern kitchen.


Airbnb Kitchen shopping list: utensils, glasses, cutting board, coffee machine, coffee pods, pans and pots.

Keep in mind while creating your space that while some people rent airbnb for vacations, depending on your location, it could be rented by those with strict dietary needs looking for a way to access a kitchen.  They need some basic supplies to keep them happy and garner you that coveted Super Host rating!

1. Utensils



Basic kitchen utensils are a must. While a four course meal is not likely to be cooked for dinner, grilled cheese, soup, or other basic foods are!  And things like spatulas and ladles are a must.  By providing silicone utensils, you will also make it easy for guest to not scratch your cookware. 

2. Dishes

For modern decor, clean simple lines work best, like this Stone Lain Coupe Dinnerware Set.  Basic black, and it contains all the essentials your guests will need whether they cook or just serve up take out.

3. Cutlery



Again, whether getting take out or cooking, your guests will need cutlery!  This Oneida Cutlery Set keeps the clean simple lines going.

4. Glasses



Glasses are also necessary, whether for dinner or just a glass of water.  The clean and simple lines of this Square Base Anchor Hocking Glassware fit the bill!  Anchor Hocking also happens to be my go to for glassware as it tends to be extremely durable and long-lasting.

5. Food Containers



Like their glassware, Anchor Hocking makes great Oven, Microwave, and Freezer Safe dishes.  This set would be perfect for cooking, serving, or storing leftovers.

6. Dish Towels


Dish Towels are an easy way to change out the decor quickly and inexpensively.  This set of 3 is perfect for a clean, simple, modern look with the solid print and basic stripes.

7. Dish Clothes



Unless you want to be left with piles of dishes, it's best to provide guests with the ability to clean their dirty dishes!  These Biodegradable dishcloths are super cute and environmentally friendly!

8. Coffee Machine



The awesome thing about this Coffee maker is that you can use pods or ground coffee.  That way you can leave a gift basket or local goodies like fresh roasted coffee from our friends over at Haymakers Coffee Co or, guests can bring their favourite k-cup.  Either way, this Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker is perfect.

9. Coffee Pods



If you think you're guests would prefer pods instead of ground coffee (or you want to give the option of both!)  A good standby is always these Starbucks Pike Place Roast Coffee Pods.

10. Dish Drying Rack

Airbnb spaces tend to have little countertop space, but guests still need to be able to dry their dishes. This two tier Dish Drying Rack with Tray is perfect for protecting counters, and saving space.

11. Pots and pans



Pots, pans and frying pans are all necessary.  But picking some that you can easily replace one piece at a time is probably one of the best ideas ever.  That is why this Cuisinart 17 Piece Chef's Classic Set is a great starting point (and you could put some of the excess piece in storage if not needed!).

12. Cutting boards and knives



Another little thing to consider getting is a knife and cutting board set. This set is ideal with its own storage rack, making it perfect for tight spaces.  Keeping knives together with cutting boards will help guests understand that you want them to use a cutting board with the knife, and hopefully protect your countertops!

We hope you found this article helpful!  Check back next week for more modern decor ideas for your next Airbnb!

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