Planning an Addition to Your House in Kingston, Napanee, and other Eastern Ontario Cities

Planning an addition to your home can be a complex and stressful process. A growing family needs added bedrooms, or more space to live and relax, or if adding income is more your thing, Airbnb or short term rentals often require discrete, self-contained units with their own entrances. However, with House of Three, an architectural design firm located in Kingston, Ontario, you can be assured that the process is smooth and stress-free.

In this blog post we will be covering the following topics:

  • The First Step in Planning Additions.
  • Cost to The Process.
  • How to Avoid Mistakes.
  • Useful Tips.


The First Step in Planning Additions

The first step in the process is booking a measure appointment.

House of Three will take accurate measurements of your existing space, assess where the addition can best flow while also considering any structural requirements. At this phase, zoning will be also checked to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. And, if needed, House of Three will provide a survey outlining your lot's boundaries, requirements for construction and building design.

Cost to The Process

The cost to design an addition varies depending on the unique aspects of each case. Additional services like a survey, heat design, septic design, and engineering, may incur extra costs. Once the design is finalized, the cost to build will depend on the size, location, and finishings of the addition. The team at House of Three will provide a detailed quotation based on these factors.

During the process of construction, it is essential to work with a contractor early on. This helps to ensure that the building cost is on track, as well as guarantee that the final product remains within your budget and meets your expectations. House of Three is familiar with many general contractors in Kingston and can recommend some for the project.

How to Avoid Mistakes

House of Three's innovative 3D software will show you a basic 3D view of your new addition. This way, you'll know exactly what you're getting before any construction begins. Our team of experienced architectural technologists and designers will work with you to ensure that the final design suits you best. No detail will go unnoticed, from the window size to the placement of the electrical switches.

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House of Three is an architectural technology firm that produces BCIN-licensed, predesigned house plans, custom designs, and renovation blueprints. We create affordable, attractive, and code-compliant designs for residential homes, renovations, and rentals. Located just north of the historic limestone city of Kingston, Ontario, we work with clients from our local area and across all of Canada.