Practicality of a She-Shed: A Guide to Creating Your Own Private Retreat | Plan #21-0116



Whether you're looking for an extra space to work on projects, a cozy spot to unwind with your favorite book or just a place to call all your own, a she-shed can be the perfect way to make that unique and practical retreat. With some imagination and using Plan #21-0116 from House of Three, you can create a space that is functional and beautiful.

Choose Your Location

The first step is to select the perfect location. This should be a spot where you feel comfortable and enjoy spending time in, preferably with outdoor views or a peaceful atmosphere. Once you've chosen the perfect place for your she-shed, it's time to start planning the structure. Check your local zoning to ensure you can add additional structures on your property. Not sure? House of Three provides preliminary zoning searches for properties.  

Next it’s time to either hire a reputable contractor, or take upon the construction project yourself!

Setting Up Your She-Shed

Once the she-shed constructed, it’s time to add in the finishing touches. This could include adding decorations such as pillows, rugs and wall hangings. Consider investing in items that can help make your she-shed comfortable, like a mini fridge or a small heater for those chilly days.

Creating a she-shed doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With some planning, creativity and the right materials, you can easily create your own unique retreat that is both practical and beautiful for years to come.

Tips for Maintaining Your She-Shed

It’s important to maintain it properly to keep it functioning and looking its best. Begin by regularly assessing the integrity of the structure, making sure that the walls, floor and ceiling are stable and secure. If you notice any issues with these areas, make repairs as soon as possible. Also, make sure your she-shed is secured to prevent unwanted guests. This could include installing a lock or security system if necessary. By taking the time to properly maintain your she-shed, you can ensure it will last for years to come!

With a little bit of planning and creativity, creating your own private retreat with a she-shed can be an enjoyable and practical experience. If you keep the above tips in mind, you're sure to have a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for years to come!


Creating a she-shed can allow you to turn any ordinary outdoor area into your own personal retreat. By selecting the right location, gathering supplies and adding the perfect finishing touches, you can make a space that is both practical and beautiful. All it takes is a pre-made plan from House of Three and planning to create your own private retreat.

So why wait? Start planning out your dream she-shed today and make the most of any outdoor area with this unique and practical solution.