Quick and Simple Halloween Decor

It's hard to believe that Halloween is almost here!  We grabbed some cute Halloween decor a few weeks back, and although our original intention was to decorate outdoors, the rain derailed those plans a bit.

But we've been having fun moving the skeletons around a bit and the pumpkins are a nice bright addition to our dining room!


The skeletons have been a bit, like having an elf on the shelf that the whole family moves and poses around the house.  It's been fun finding them in their new locations each day! 

Even without the skeletons, the pumpkins are a great addition to the dining room table.

We haven't hung up the bats yet, just because we've been waiting for things to dry up a bit outside, but we can't wait to get them installed too!  Check all three of these out for yourself:

1. Halloween Skeletons


2. Halloween 3D Bats

3. Pumpkin Fall Decorations

Do you decorate for Halloween?


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