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When it comes to modern bedroom decor, there are a few key essentials that every Airbnb host should consider. First, invest in a bedroom suite that includes a bed, dresser, and nightstand. This will create a coordinated look that will make your guests feel right at home. Second, choose modern lighting fixtures that compliment the style of the room. Pendant lights or floor lamps are a great way to add some extra light without taking up too much space. Finally, don't forget about the little things that will help your guests feel comfortable and organized, like an alarm clock and luggage rack. By following these simple tips, you can easily create a modern bedroom that your guests will love, and to make it even easier, we have a shopping list just for you!

a compilation of airbnb furniture for your rental living room

When it comes to hosting guests, it is important to think about the needs of your guests. For example, does your property appeal to families or to single professionals travelling for work? Each will have unique requirements so be sure you provide what they need! Families will need a comfortable place to stay with enough bedrooms for everyone. They may also appreciate modern decor and interior decorating. On the other hand, single professionals travelling for work will need a bedroom suite that is both comfortable and convenient. Airbnb rental hosts should keep these things in mind when preparing their property for guests. By doing so, they can ensure that their guests have a pleasant stay.


1. Bed

Clean lines and modern style bed frame. This Modern Style Bedframe is perfect for anyone looking for a sleek, modern look. It has clean lines and is easy to keep clean--perfect for an airbnb situation! Plus, it's sturdy and well-made, so you can rest easy knowing your bed will last for years.


2. Dresser

Simple, Modern Dresser for easy storage. This dresser is perfect for any modern home. It features easy to clean surfaces and a stylish design that will complement any decor. The higher than average legs provide additional storage space underneath, while the shelving and drawers offer plenty of room for guests' belongings. You'll love the sleek, contemporary look of this dresser!


3. Bedding

Clean bedding is a must. This light and airy bedding set is perfect for an Airbnb. Also, the grey provides a neutral pop against the beige. The set includes a comforter, pillowcases, flat sheet and a fitted sheet. It is made of microfibre to ensure your guests are comfortable during their stay. Plus, the modern design will give your space a fresh look.


4. Mattress

Queen Mattress. A Sealy mattress is a great way to ensure that your guests are comfortable while they stay with you. These mattresses have been highly rated by consumers, and come from a trusted brand name. That means you can rest assured knowing that your guests will enjoy a good night's sleep on a Sealy mattress.  So why not give your guests the best possible sleeping experience?


5. Mattress Cover

Extra protection with a mattress protector. A mattress cover is a must-have for anyone with allergies, asthma, or sensitivities to dust mites, bacteria, or other allergens. The cover protects your mattress from spills and accidents, and can be easily thrown in the washing machine when it needs a clean. Choose a waterproof cover for extra protection against water damage. Bed bugs are an increasing problem across the country; a good mattress protector will help keep them at bay.

6.  Wallpaper

Modern wallpaper. Wallpaper can add personality and style to any room in your home. This particular design is a beautiful floral pattern that would make a great statement wall. The gray in the leaves makes it easy to coordinate with other colors, and the navy or red would easily coordinate with throw pillows to add an extra pop of color.

7.  Blinds

Soft roman blinds. Not only do these cordless roman shades look sharp and provide privacy, but they are also lined to help keep the brightness of outside lights at bay. Whether you are trying to get some sleep during the day or want to preserve your privacy while on vacation, these shades will do the trick.


8.  Alarm Clock

Echo Dot with Clock Display. The Echo Dot with Clock is the perfect way to keep track of time. It has all the features of the Echo Dot, plus a handy clock display that's always visible. You can use it as a speaker, alarm, or timer, and it's perfect for guests who need an easy way to see what time it is. Plus, with Alexa built in, you can control all your smart devices with just your voice.

9.  Luggage Rack

Luggage rack for convenience. This luggage rack is perfect for accommodating guests. It is simple to set up and easy to fold away when not in use. Guests will appreciate having a place to put their suitcase, and you will appreciate the extra space this luggage rack provides. This rack is a must-have for any home that regularly hosts guests.

10.  Bedside Table

Modern bedside Table. This bedside table is a perfect addition to any bedroom. It features a small storage cabinet and a surface for lamps or alarm clocks. The neutral white finish makes it easy to match any decor. Plus, the compact size makes it perfect for guests.


11.  Bedside Lamp

Modern Table Lamps. This set of two bedside lamps is the perfect addition to any bedroom. They feature clean lines and a neutral palette. Plus, they take care of all your lighting needs, making it easy to read or relax before bed. 

12.  Ceiling Fan

Modern ceiling fan with light. This Hunter ceiling fan not only fits in with the modern decor, but it also provides light. It is a great choice for bedrooms, and the fan can help keep guests comfortable


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