Budget Friendly Shopping List for an Airbnb Living Room in Ontario

Are you an Airbnb host looking to furnish your living room in Ontario, Canada? If so, this shopping list is for you! We've compiled a list of essentials that will help make your guests feel comfortable and at home. Plus, furnishing your living room with these items will help increase the appeal of your listing. So without further ado, let's get started!

a grid of furniture for an airbnb living room

When hosting virtual guests, it is important to think about the needs of each individual. For example some people might rent Airbnb for vacations while others use it as a place near a hospital to visit family members and live temporarily or professional workers come into town on assignment - all have unique requirements so be sure you provide what they need!

1. Couch

Comfortable seating is a must. Choose furniture that is not only comfortable, but also practical!  Two (or three!) of this Vonanda Faux Leather Sofa Couch.  Easy to wipe down, and comfy too - it's perfect for Airbnbs!


2. Television

Entertainment for guests. Frame TVs are all the rage right now in the interior design industry, and this one, the Samsung 32" The Frame QLED Smart TV, is actually fairly affordable!  Frame TV's not only serve as entertainment for guests, they can look amazing too!


3. Coffee Table

Functional Storage. Coffee Tables can look good, and serve as additional storage!  This option offers space for a basket to house remote controls, and travel books or information on the local area (including menus to your favourite restaurants that deliver!).  And those slim legs tie into the couch above! 


4. Throw pillows


Fun throw pillows. Throw pillows are a fun way to tie a room together, while still being functional.  They are also easy to update or upgrade as needed! The coppery brown in these ones would tie in nicely with the couch above!


5. Blanket

Throw blanket. This chunky knit blanket may not be what you think for a modern decor, but a good warm blanket for the living room can keep your guests cozy and happy, while coordinating well with those throw pillows!


6. Table Lamp

Sculptural Table Lamp. Table lamps not only add light, but can really tie the room together.  This modern lamp ties in with the the circular pattern in the pillows while adding a sculptural element!

7. Desk

Small Desk. These days we all travel with devices, and many people need to work or be easily reachable while away from home.  Having a small desk available for docking a laptop or charging tablets is always appreciated!


8. Desk Chair

Comfy Desk Chair. Have a desk, need a chair!  And this modern option looks great, and is easy to wipe clean if needed!


9. Basket

Storage is key. The key to easy clean up for guests is easy storage!  This rope basket is not only pretty, it's also a great home for that cozy knit blanket, or any extras your guests may need!

10. Alexa

More than just music. If you don't have one, you don't realize how helpful they can be!  Not for just music, you can hook up a full system of smart controls, or stick with just the Echo Dot, and guests have google at their finger tips even for something as easy as getting the weather report for the day!

We hope you found this article helpful!  Check back next week for more modern decor ideas for your next Airbnb!

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