Spacious Floor Plan for Home Staying
or Hosting

Looking for an open-concept floor plan that's perfect for multi-generational homes, Airbnb guests, or hosting family and friends?

Finding the right floor plan is crucial when it comes to creating a comfortable and functional home or Airbnb rental. The floor plan will determine how the room flows, how much privacy there is, how much natural light there is, and how the house feels in general.

Therefore, it's crucial to take into account aspects like the number of rooms you require, the location of bathrooms, and how open the floorplan is in order to satisfy the needs and desires of your family or guests. In this post, we're going to cover the benefits of Plan #21-0021, and why it would make a great home for someone looking to rent it as an Airbnb or for someone looking for a spacious home for their family and guests.

About Plan #21-0021

This 4-bedroom and 1-office floor plan is a versatile and functional design that offers ample space for both comfort and storage. With 3,684 square feet to work with, there's plenty of room for a family and guests to spread out and enjoy their own private spaces.

Upstairs, the office provides a quiet place to work or study, while the additional bedroom and bathroom make it ideal for hosting guests. There is also ample attic storage that could be converted to more office or bedroom space.

The main floor is thoughtfully designed with the central living area open to both the dining room and the kitchen, while two wings offer private bedrooms—one wing hosts the master bedroom and a full bathroom.

Combining the open design of the main floor with separate private wings for the bedrooms makes this floorplan perfect for entertaining and everyday living.

  • Kitchen 16'-7" x 18'-7"
  • Library 11'-7" x 15'-8"
  • Dining 16'-7" x 12'-4"
  • Living Room 21'-6 x 14'-9"
  • Master Bedroom 13'-3" x 12'-10"
  • Bedroom (main floor) 9'-9" x 9'-6"
  • Bedroom (main floor) 13'-3" x 10'-0"
  • (2x) Attic Storage 8'-7" x 35'-0"
  • Bedroom (upstairs) 20'-3" x 17'-10"
  • Office (upstairs) 7'-8" x 10'-9"
Who Is This Floor Plan For?

As we mentioned before, the spacious and functional design makes it perfect for a family who desires privacy while still enjoying open common areas for gathering and entertaining. The library on the main floor can easily be converted to a playroom or work-from-home office that would allow you to keep a close eye on your children. The separate wings with bedrooms provide ample space for children or guests to have their own private quarters, which can be extra important if you have older children.

Where we really think this floorplan will shine is as an Airbnb rental—especially if there's a view. The massive bedroom windows can open onto a lakefront view or onto mountains, and the privacy and storage available make it perfect for multiple parties to share a weekend on the lake or on the slopes.

However you choose to use it, this versatile floorplan can appeal to many demographics. But what are its main advantages?

Key Advantages of The Floor Plan

One thing this floor plan provides an abundance of is privacy. The separate bedroom wings allow each person to have their own private quarters, giving them the space they need to relax and recharge. This is important for creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience, especially for Airbnb guests who may require more privacy.

The privacy offered by this floorplan is not just limited to guests, but also extends to older children in the home. This can be especially important for creating a harmonious living experience, as it allows everyone to have their own personal space and reduces the likelihood of conflict and discomfort. Older children often crave their own space and privacy, and this floor plan provides ample room for them to have their own private quarters upstairs, where there is a bathroom, office, and large bedroom.


One of the key benefits of this floorplan is the flexibility it provides whether it be for adults or for playrooms and other children's activities. The separate wings with bedrooms offer ample space for children to have their own play area, allowing them to play freely and comfortably without disturbing the rest of the home.

There are plenty of rooms in the house that are tucked away which would make the perfect work-from-home location. The library and upstairs are both spacious enough to facilitate a decent-sized workspace, meaning you can fit desks, printers or whatever other equipment you need.

Another example of the versatility of the library, which can easily be converted, is as a place for kids to play and learn, while also providing a space for quiet reading and relaxation. The library (or playroom) is also conveniently located on the main floor, allowing parents to keep a close eye on their children while they play.

When it comes to Airbnb, the massive windows that open onto stunning views, combined with the privacy and storage available, make it the perfect choice for multiple parties to share a weekend—whether it be on the lake, in the mountains, or whether you're kayaking or skiing.

Open Concept

The main section of the home, which includes the kitchen, living room, and dining room is designed to flow seamlessly together, creating a spacious and inviting atmosphere. This open-concept design allows for easy movement and conversation, making it ideal for hosting large gatherings or intimate dinner parties.

The spacious and functional design makes it the perfect choice for families or Airbnb hosts who want to create a comfortable and accommodating living experience.

In Conclusion

Plan #21-0021 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a spacious and functional home that offers privacy, versatility, and an open-concept design. The 4-bedroom, 1-office floorplan provides ample space for families and guests, with separate bedroom wings, a quiet office, and a multi-functional library. Additionally, the massive windows with stunning views make this floorplan perfect for use as an Airbnb rental. With all these features, Plan #21-0021 is sure to provide a comfortable and enjoyable living experience for many.

Does Plan 21-0021 sound perfect for you?

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