Spacious Yet Cozy Floor Plan Perfect for Hosting Family Gatherings

If you are a family seeking both space and coziness, or an individual with an eye for innovative layouts, Plan #21-0022 is for you. This thoughtfully crafted layout offers an abundance of features to cater to your needs and aspirations. From a spacious wrap-around kitchen to the convenience of a walk-in pantry, this design has been meticulously planned to enhance your daily life.

Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable bungalow floor plan and highlight the unique attributes that make it a standout choice for families and individuals alike.

Overview of the Floor Plan

At the heart of Plan #21-0022 lies a feature that's sure to delight both the avid home cook and the mealtime organizer – the massive wrap-around kitchen. This culinary haven provides not only ample space and storage for your culinary adventures but also a warm and inviting atmosphere for family gatherings.

And speaking of storage, the walk-in pantry is perfect for those with a penchant for organization. Whether you're stashing away ingredients for your latest recipe or simply keeping your supplies neatly arranged, this pantry is here to make life that much easier.

The fantastic sightlines thoughtfully incorporated into the design also create a connection between the front and back areas of the house, allowing natural light to permeate every corner, and allowing for easier interaction between rooms during events.

It is important to note that Plan #21-0022 does require a spacious lot, and ideally, would be situated just outside bustling city limits. This placement not only offers a quieter and more serene environment but also allows the home's design to truly shine, making the most of its expansive layout.


  • Master Bedroom: 16'-10" x 16'-1"
  • Bedrooms (2x): 12'-0" x 13'-0"
  • Great Room: 20'-1" x 21'-4"
  • Kitchen: 16'-0" x 15'-2"
  • Dining: 16'-0" x 14'-10"
  • Garage: 39'-8x 24'-3"
  • Office: 12'-0" x 14'-0"

Who is this Floor Plan For? 

This carefully crafted bungalow design caters to a diverse range of individuals and families who value both functionality and comfort.

Families in search of a dwelling that effortlessly combines space and coziness will find their needs met within the walls of this home. Plan #21-0022 has plenty of space for families to create lasting memories.

Is hosting family events and gatherings a tradition you hold dear? With its centralized layout, this bungalow design effortlessly caters to your desire for a welcoming space that accommodates both intimate family dinners and lively celebrations. The flow between the great room, dining area, and kitchen ensures that your family and guests will feel connected and engaged throughout the occasion.

Key Benefits

Efficient Kitchen Organization: Imagine a kitchen where everything has its place. Imagine the convenience of having everything you need neatly arranged. The ample fridge space and thoughtfully designed walk-in pantry in Plan #21-0022 create an organizational haven in the heart of your home. Whether it's storing fresh produce or preserving your culinary creations, this setup ensures that your kitchen stays clutter-free and inviting.

Spacious Feel with Sightlines: Picture a space where conversations travel effortlessly from the great room to the dining area, where your gaze can travel from the front of the house to the back without interruption. The inclusion of sightlines throughout Plan #21-0022 creates a sense of boundless space. The flow between different areas seamlessly connects the front and back of the house, creating an ambiance that feels open, inviting, and expansive.

Whether you're hosting a gathering, sharing a meal, or simply enjoying a quiet moment with a book, the design's emphasis on sightlines ensures that you're never far from the heart of your home.

Adaptable for Growing Families: Growing families often require a home that can evolve with their needs. This plan understands the importance of flexibility. It offers the possibility to reconfigure spaces, allowing for additional bedrooms as your family grows and changes over time.

Private Office and Convenience: In the changing landscape of work, home is no longer just where the heart is – it's also where the office is. With the increasing trend of remote work, the direct access to a 3-piece bathroom and closet space provides a private oasis for a home office. The carefully planned design ensures a seamless transition from work to relaxation, fostering a productive environment that's also integrated into your family life.

Balancing Peace and Activity: While connectivity is celebrated, this plan also acknowledges the importance of serene living spaces. The separation between the kitchen and living area maintains a peaceful ambiance in your living spaces, allowing you to unwind and recharge without disturbance.


At its core, the design of Plan #21-0022 caters to a wide spectrum of dreams and desires. Whether you're a family in need of both space and coziness or an individual who values innovative layouts, this plan is a canvas that transforms your aspirations into reality.

Intrigued by the functionality of Plan 21-0022?

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