Versatile 4-Bedroom Floor Plan for Ontarians

This spacious 4-bedroom floor plan is designed for comfort and customization. Its many rooms are waiting to fulfill all your needs, whether you are entertaining guests or have a larger family. With 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a dining room, and a living room, there are endless ways to make the space work for you.

Overview of the Floor Plan


Upon entering the main level of Plan 21-0043, you will find plenty of room for the whole family to remove their coats and shoes before venturing deeper into the home. Here we also have the stairs leading to the quiet bedroom space, acting as a comfortable barrier between the kitchen and living room.

Leading away from the front door, we find the plan's half-bath, ideal to be assigned as the guest bathroom. It is conveniently positioned amid the front entrance, kitchen, and living room.


To one side of the entryway, we find the open-concept kitchen and dining room. Featuring a large bay window and kitchen island, this area is a treat for foodies. There is a generous amount of space for storage units or added surfaces for a variety of appliances and ingredients.

The sunny bay window would be the perfect home for an herb garden. The open concept invites airflow to any plant life, as well as allowing easy access for watering and harvesting.

Alternatively, the bay window could serve as a cozy reading nook. It is positioned comfortably away from the foot traffic of the main entrance and stairwell, making the spot nice and quiet for uninterrupted reading.

The open kitchen and dining area makes entertaining guests more inclusive. As the host, you can be in the kitchen preparing food while still socializing with your guests comfortably seated at the dining table nearby. Anyone wanting a second helping of food does not have far to travel from the dining table to the kitchen to top off.

Living room

On the opposite side of the entryway sits the plan's living room. Plan 21-0043 includes a spacious living area, naturally lit by large windows on 2 of the walls. These windows offer an expansive view of the surrounding landscape. Whether it be a serene garden, rolling hills, or a bustling cityscape, the windows bring the outside world in and infuse the space with a sense of openness.

The living room offers endless possibilities for entertaining or relaxing. The space is perfect for hosting gatherings around the television, whether a sporting event or movie night. The space is also equipped for board game nights or casually catching up with friends. The floor can be cleared away for physical activities in the room, allowing space for yoga, virtual-led dancing, or children playing pretend. Whether it's a place for relaxation, celebration, or creativity, this large living room becomes the heart of the home, adaptable to the needs and desires of your family.

This half of the floor plan is also home to the utility room and an office or flex space–perfect for a playroom or den if you don’t need an office. These are conveniently placed out of the way, but still readily accessed as needed.


The upper level of Plan 21-0043 is where we find the 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and laundry hookups. The master bedroom features a full bath ensuite, adding coveted privacy for the heads of house. The second full bathroom is off of the main upper hallway for the other 3 bedrooms to share.

The 3 other rooms can serve as bedrooms for larger families. For not-as-large families, any excess rooms can happily serve as home offices for professionals, or possibly a playroom for any younger residents. The frequent host can have permanent guest rooms for holding weekend-long events.

The laundry space is conveniently placed on the upper level near all of the bedrooms and full baths. This positioning allows for dirty clothes to find their way to the nearby laundry space without lingering in other rooms too long.

Other Augmentations

The space over the garage can be added to the upper level's floor plan to give additional living space for anything else you may need. There is potential for another bedroom, or a sunroom from which to watch the sunrise or observe starry skies.

One thing to consider with this plan is its grand size. It would require a wide lot, so you will need to be sure to confirm local zoning requirements.

Target Audience

Plan 21-0043 would be the perfect plan for larger families. Its 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms are ideal for large or growing families that need lots of elbow room. The plan would also be perfect for someone who loves to host gatherings, whether entertaining for the evening, or overnight guests.


This spacious 4-bedroom floor plan exudes comfort and modernity, ideal for families seeking ample living space, or plenty of opportunity to entertain guests. With its thoughtful design and convenient amenities, this 4-bedroom home offers the perfect blend of style and functionality.

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