Versatile An Efficient Floor Plan For Young Couples, Retirees, and Downsizers

Whether you're interested in building a cottage, bunkie, starter home, additional dwelling unit, or simply looking for a comfortable nook to downsize to, Plan 21-0011 can be perfect for you.

Welcome! In this post, we're about to take you on a journey through a floor plan that encapsulates modern aesthetics, functional brilliance, and an acute understanding of contemporary living needs. If you've been dreaming of the perfect home that seamlessly balances form and function, look no further.

Overview of the Floor Plan

Generously Sized Bedrooms with Abundant Light

One of the standout features of this floor plan is the generously sized bedrooms, each offering a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. While the master bedroom caters to those who appreciate a bit of extra room to personalize their living space, both bedrooms boast large windows that flood the rooms with natural light. Even with the smaller footprint of this plan, the abundant light creates an open and inviting atmosphere.

A Thoughtfully Designed Kitchen

The kitchen, strategically situated at the back of the home, serves as the culinary focal point of Plan #21-0011. Its placement at the rear of the house not only provides easy access to outdoor spaces but also ensures that the core of your home is both functional and conveniently located. Whether you're a seasoned chef or prefer whipping up a quick breakfast, this thoughtfully designed kitchen is tailored to meet your every culinary need.

A Slab-on-Grade Bungalow

It's important to note that Plan #21-0011 is a slab-on-grade Bungalow. This means there's no basement, which can be seen as a positive for those seeking a home with a single-level living experience. However, if you have specific storage needs or are looking for designs with a basement, we encourage you to explore the many alternate options available on our website. We're confident you'll find a design that suits your preferences.

Convenient Features for Everyday Living

This plan is not just about aesthetics; it's also designed for practical living. It includes core features like a dedicated laundry space, ensuring that your daily chores are made more convenient. The mechanical room offers easy access to essential home systems, and the strategically located 3-piece bathroom adds an extra layer of convenience to your daily life.

  • Master Bedroom: 10'-10" x 13'-0"
  • Bedroom: 9'-11" x 9'-5"
  • Great Room: 16'-0" x 18'-6"
  • Kitchen: 16'-0" x 11'-0"

Who is this Floor Plan For? 

Individuals and Small Families

Plan #21-0011 extends its warm welcome to individuals and small families alike. If you're looking for a home that's cozy, functional, and thoughtfully designed, this plan ticks all the right boxes. Its spacious bedrooms offer a comfortable retreat, while the open layout of the kitchen and great room create a versatile space for both relaxation and entertainment. The efficient use of space ensures that every square foot counts, making it an excellent choice for those who value a well-balanced living environment.

Downsizers and Those Seeking Smaller Yet Comprehensive Living

For those considering downsizing or who are simply in the market for a smaller yet comprehensive home, Plan #21-0011 is a prime candidate. Its single-level design eliminates the need to navigate stairs, offering convenience and ease of access. The absence of a basement simplifies maintenance and adds to the efficiency of the space. With the masterfully designed bathrooms, laundry room, and a compact yet fully functional layout, this plan perfectly caters to a more streamlined and manageable lifestyle.

Efficiency Enthusiasts

For those who value efficiency, Plan #21-0011 has been crafted with use of space in mind. Every room and every corner has been designed to serve a purpose, ensuring that you get the most out of your living environment. From the spacious kitchen to the interconnectedness of the rooms, this floor plan optimizes space without sacrificing comfort. It's a testament to the belief that a smaller footprint can offer big advantages when it comes to efficient living.

Key Benefits

Seamless Connectivity

One of the foremost benefits of Plan #21-0011 is its effortless flow between rooms. The design ensures easy movement and accessibility within the home, making daily life a breeze. The interconnectedness of the rooms also means you're never more than a few steps away from where you need to be. Whether you're moving from the spacious kitchen to the inviting great room or stepping into one of the well-appointed bedrooms, this floor plan creates a sense of harmony and convenience that enhances your everyday experience.

Customization Opportunities

Plan #21-0011 offers you the opportunity to customize your living space to suit your unique needs. For example, with the kitchen located at the back of the home and featuring a sliding patio door, adding a back deck becomes an enticing option. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee or hosting al fresco dinners just steps away from your kitchen.

The Great Room

The Great Room, centrally positioned, is a focal point that defines the essence of this floor plan. It serves as both a gathering point for family and friends and a relaxation hub where you can unwind after a long day. Its central position makes it an easy access point, connecting all areas of the home. Whether you're hosting lively conversations, enjoying quiet moments of reflection, or simply relishing the joy of togetherness, the Great Room embodies the essence of modern living.


In choosing Plan #21-0011, you're not merely selecting a house; you're embracing a lifestyle. A lifestyle that harmonizes modern aesthetics with your practical needs. It's a canvas upon which you can paint the life you've envisioned.

So, whether you're embarking on the journey of starting a family, seeking a smaller yet comprehensive living space, or simply yearning for efficient and elegant living, this plan invites you to make it your own.

Don't just dream of the perfect home—live it with Plan #21-0011

Your future self will thank you for the comfort, functionality, and style it brings into your life.