Why a 4 Bedroom Home is a Good Idea | Plan #21-0005

Why a 4 Bedroom Home is a Good Idea

For many people, building a custom home is a lifelong dream – serving as a symbol of security, family life, and financial success. However, building a home may not be as straightforward as you think. There are numerous questions that prospective builders need to ask themselves, including what size house is appropriate for their needs.

If you are considering building a home, it is vital to take the time to think about what works best your needs, including the number of bedrooms. In this blog post, we will explore Plan #21-0005 focusing on the benefits of a 4 bedroom home.

1. Versatile Use of Space

When people think of a 4 bedroom house, they may automatically think it's for a large family. However, four bedrooms can provide ample space for a variety of other uses. Consider the possibilities – a home office, a guest room, children’s playroom, hobby-space or even a workout room! Investing in a four-bedroom home gives you the convenience and flexibility of having ample space for multiple uses.

2. Room for a Growing Family

As many families can attest, a couple can become a family of four very quickly. If you're planning on growing your family or already have multiple children, a four-bedroom home will provide adequate living space for everyone. The spacious layout of Plan #21-0005 ensures ample room to unwind and entertain, promising a relaxing haven for your family.

3. Resale Value

It doesn't matter how long you plan on living in your home, resale value should always be top-of-mind. Plan #21-0005 not only includes 4 bedrooms, but also boasts 2.5 bathrooms, main floor laundry, attached garage, and loft! This plan is an excellent investment because it is desirable for many future buyers! Therefore, when  it comes time to sell the amenities of this home will increase the chances of getting a higher property value.

4. An Ideal Home for Out-of-Town Visitors

Your home is not just for you, but also for entertaining guests. Having a four-bedroom home means that you'll have ample space for friends and family to stay with you. This is perfect when you're hosting events or simply when loved ones visit during the holiday season.


In conclusion, building a home is a significant investment, and it's important to consider what works best for your current situation. A 4 bedroom, like Plan #21-0005 is an excellent investment for families who want the versatility of space, growth, and resale value. It also provides ample room for your family's happiness and entertainment. Get in touch with the House of Three team to get started.