Plan #21-0106 | Garage, Slab on Grade, Vehicle Parking, Storage


Plan #21-0106 offers the ultimate solution for homeowners seeking extra storage and convenience. With an area of 492 square feet, this garage plan offers a dedicated space for your vehicle, equipment, and supplies. The large overhead doors at both the front and back, ensure convenient access, while multiple windows allow the space to be filled with natural light! Designed with practicality, Plan #21-0106 is a great option for those who value organization and efficiency in their home. Whether you're a car enthusiast or simply in need of extra storage, this structure gives you the space you require, without compromising on style.
492 sq. ft.
0 bedrooms
0 bathrooms

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Plan #21-0106 | Garage, Slab on Grade, Vehicle Parking, Storage

We require two weeks to adjust our predesigned plans to accommodate the snow and wind load specific to your Canadian region.