Plan #21-0031 | Bungalow, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, Serene Cottage Getaway


Discover the charm of this delightful bungalow, an ideal choice for a serene cottage getaway or a cozy haven for empty nesters. Its quaint design and inviting ambiance make it the perfect retreat for those seeking a peaceful escape. Whether nestled in a tranquil countryside or as a downsized residence, this cute bungalow offers comfort and tranquility for a relaxed lifestyle. Embrace the simplicity and warmth of this home, tailored for cherished moments and serene living. Explore more exceptional blueprints like this one, only at House of Three, and find your perfect dream home today!
652 sq. ft.
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom

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Small blue bungalow with dark grey shingled hip roof with multiple gable ends. Medium blue horizontal siding with white trim on windows and fascia. Entryway on perpendicular side with covered porch and concrete step and two slim white columns.

We require two weeks to adjust our predesigned plans to accommodate the snow and wind load specific to your Canadian region.